In October of 2000 the first Board Meeting for the Dorchester Chamber Foundation was held. The stated goal was to support the school systems of Dorchester County and support the education programs that would benefit the residents and businesses in the County.

In 2003 The Dorchester Chamber Foundation, received 501(c)3 status allowing for donations to the Foundation to be tax deductible.

The Scholarship was established to provide additional educational funding for family members of the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce Members that were going to pursue degrees in Business.

In 2016 the Board of Directors revised the guidelines for the scholarship to expand the targeted recipients to include anyone pursuing education in a certified program that is planning to return to Dorchester County to work once their studies are complete.

In 2016 the Dorchester Chamber Foundation received grants from the George B. Todd Fund of the Mid-Shore Community Foundation  and the Care Share Fund to expand the number of scholarships offered.

2017 was the first year to award all three:  Jason T. Wise, George B. Todd, and Care & Share Fund Awards

Through the generous donation of Koski Enterprises a fourth Scholarship was added for 2017.

Foundation Board Members are nominated by the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.



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