Director's Message

Bill Christopher
Executive Director


The Chamber Mission

“To Advance Dorchester County through Educating, Promoting and

Growing a Strong Business Community.”


The most important component of our mission statement is identifying the area we serve – Dorchester County.  There are many cities, towns and communities throughout the county, each with its own charm, culture and history.  It is the sum of these communities which embodies Dorchester County. This is a great time to be in our County, and a strong and growing business community is key to maintaining our momentum. 

Positive things are going on throughout the County and the diversity of business in our community is found in very few places around the globe.  Events like IRONMAN Maryland and the Power Boat Regatta have made the County visible on an international scale. We have a world class resort attracting multinational corporations and political leaders for conventions, as well as families just looking to relax. Local entrepreneurs have created unique and exciting ways to share the spectacular natural resources found throughout the County.   We have strong roots in agriculture and the seafood industry, which are not only key to the economic stability of the county, but also to the culture which makes Dorchester a unique place to live.  We have found multiple ways to grow these roots into other thriving businesses: wineries, farm markets that have become destinations, unique livestock, aquaculture, marine sales and service, and many more.   We are home to manufacturing facilities shipping products all over the country and the world.  Restaurants in every corner of the County are regularly finding ways to stand out from the competition and win awards.  Our retail stores offer unique and everyday items for local residents, as well as for the important tourists who come to our community.  Please review the Member Directory to see these, and many other, examples of the exciting businesses in Dorchester County.

The Chamber embraces and celebrates this diversity of our membership.  The Chamber Members, Board of Directors and Staff work together to promote Chamber activities enhancing economic and social growth. The many networking and educational opportunities arising through Chamber functions are extremely valuable to Chamber Members and the community as a whole.  These events are strategic to meeting the goals of educating, promoting and growing a strong business community.  The Chamber works collaboratively with local and state government officials and legislators.  Our goal is to insure our members are informed of important activities affecting their businesses and to represent their interests as decisions are made at the local and state level.  The more Member involvement we have the more effectively we accomplish this goal. 

If you are a current Chamber Member, we encourage you to be engaged to receive maximum benefits from your membership, while at the same time contributing to the success of the business community in which you operate.  If you are not yet a Member, please reach out to us to discuss the benefits.  If you are a visitor to our community, we hope you enjoy your time here as much as we do.  Please consider coming back to stay as a resident or business owner. 

The Dorchester Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to help Dorchester County reach its peak potential.  We want you to join in our effort..


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